I just love Christmas, because of the sweet family memories I guess. Christmas songs play as soon as the Dutch ‘Sinter KLaas’ on 5th December has been celebrated. Each year when the tree is bought… with roots so we can plant it back again and don’t feel too bad buying one, the excitement grows again. I love the scent of the tree in the house and love decorating it with my kids if they are around.  This year I will be doing it with Jon and my sister because we are in Holland for Christmas and my sons and lovely daughter-in-law will be joining us on the 24th. So with everybody around for several days you want all to be happy…. sometimes Christmas can end up being stressful for families. Pressure on the cook to get the turkey out on time, well cooked and hot! A major challe too.

So my 5 Christmas survival tips are:

1. Try not to be perfect all the time… especially for mum’s and dad’s who are hosting. Perfection is an illusion. So really try and enjoy yourself too.

2. Allow some Self love time in between meals and gatherings. Just pamper yourself in the bathroom for 10 minutes, give your face a lovely pick me up massage with some of your daycream. Really feel your fingertips massage all of your face and take your time… 4 minutes… then close your eyes for 6 minutes and align to your heart…. say to yourself. I am great!

3. Plan some games before Christmas hits you. A great one is to fill a jar and put cards in with topics to talk about… call it the CHATBOX… and get people to pull out  a card in between meals when sitting down for cups of tea and coffee or pre dinner drinks when you don’t want everybody to just sit there tapping on their phones.

4. Don’t argue with anybody. Just don’t go there. It totally ruins the atmosphere. Don’t blame others for any of your own mistakes or stress. What ever is brewing inside of you is yours! Chill and relax. Appreciate that you have your loved ones nearby and that you have food on the table.

5. Love yourself and send your love to the ones whom you are sharing the festive season with. Be compassionate and kind. They will feel that energy oozing out of you and that is worth millions. That feeling of peace and love. Every minute you have that choice…. Love or frustration… choose LOVE always.

Have a wonderful time and I wish you all a lovely and peaceful festive season…. with all the people you adore and love nearby.

Follow my Christmas Spotify playlist here

ps. don’t count calories… just eat mindfully. ❤️🎄❤️






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  My best top 8 infinity tips for a great happy inspiring and feminine summer holiday.

  • Of course you need a good natural  suntan lotion without gluten and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundationa minimum of factor 30 to start off with and a protective lip balm…. and aftersun for soothing your skin after a day out and about.  I have had skin cancer and never go with out any on my face and body… highly recommended … protect yourself and stay cool!! 
  • Always have fresh bottled water in your apartment/hotelroom/tent… and add slices of lemon, some fruit and sprigs of mint to your water bottle. I suggest you take one with you which you can refill. The fruit, lemon & mint will give you extra vitamin C and flavour! 
  • Check you have spotify on your mobile and add a meditation/relaxing playlist  so whenever you need to meditate you can do so immediately on the beach or at your digs.
  • check your headset is working before travelling and invest in a good pair and buy a battery pack so you can recharge your mobile on the beach… best investment I made so far. 
  • Protect your hair with delicious Moroccan Oil … I totally love it! Smells gorgeous too! If you really want to indulge even more and give your hair a mask treatment by the same brand then this is I believe the best one…. 
  • Pretty dresses are an absolute holiday must-have and the more Bohemian the better … and don’t forget to include a maxi dress by Onjenu
  • …. and an absolute to do is read a good book that inspires you to grow and develop… and a beautiful notebook by Peter Pauper and pen in your beach bag so you can write down thoughts, ideas and get into the creative flow.
  • Last but not least is stay in the light … don’t let anyone or anything drag you down. Stay happy and positive and no dramas or victim playing & no blaming others for what ever happens in your life… if anything triggers you or pushes your buttons look at why and where deep inside of you it comes from. People who trigger stuff are your teachers… they cross your path because you have a lesson to learn… follow the laws of the universe and miracles will come your way. I promise! Become the butterfly …. be infinity. 

Love and Light and happy holidays… let me know what you think of these tips… 

Carolyn ❤️ 

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Inspiration of the day: Loving yourself gives more power and life than accepting oneself!
Self love is being connected with your own inner self and knowing yourself as an individual with specific characteristics, without attaching a value judgement on to this.
Don’t let your own identity be snowed under by the expectations of others… follow your own intuition it is your best radar to keep on the right track.

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