Space Clearing

Clearing out Clutter brings peace, tranquility… and happiness!


Allas my bedroom doesn’t look like the one above… but Feng Shui wise it is getting there… I have more white and earthy colours… will post picture soon.
I have been very busy with clearing out my clutter… honestly I thought I was very organised and fairly clutter free… but once I got into it the more clutter I began to see…
At first you don’t notice it as being clutter… as most thing just sneakily sit there silently! Being forgotten about… like my drawers in the kitchen… I emptied several spontanously without even thinking about it… was GREAT! NO REGRETS!!!!
I had loads of interior, garden and cookery magazines… keeping them all just in case! Well i got rid of most… just piled them all into a box and of to the dump! Easy peasy…. must admit though that as with the kid’s books I kept some… well only a small pile… I have permitted myself a really small pile! and have promised to go through them and get rid ot those shouting: so do not need, use or love you!
Even made a note in my calender that by christmas the pile has gone!
For now I feel much lighter, peaceful and happier now my house is becoming an even more beautiful place to be…
Happy Clutter clearing your magazines!
Love, C

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