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Your Home environment mirrors yourself


Clutter Clearing (just to continue on this topic I started yesterday, and because it really fascinates me how it works) is about handling your belongings in such a way that the energy of your home is vibrant & flowing rather than dull and stagnating!!!
If your home doesn’t really feel light and easy.. just take a look around and take notes of the areas and rooms you would like to see cleared and refreshed… How much clutter is there?
Make a priority list varying from small to bigger areas…. vary! Then equipped with a trash bag… and without thinking CLEAR away the CLUTTER! Tie a knot in the bag when filled and make a note in your diary when you will dispose of it…. & stick to it!
Then give yourself a huge acknowledgement! I did anyway.. and it got me going strong to clear out more stuff… I’m into my drawers and cupboards now! The effect is wonderful…
I will be giving you more tips on this subject and keep you posted on my own discoveries!
Happy Clutter Clearing weekend! You will feel refreshed on Monday!
Love C x

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  1. sunshine says:

    >I agree. Clutter can weigh you down and really make your home "heavy".
    We all have too much "stuff" and I find that with kids, I have to constantly de-clutter or else we accumulate a tremendous amount.

    Can't wait to read more about your journey with this! I'm finding it so inspiring. 🙂


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