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The 9 Feng Shui areas of the Bagua map


helpful friend…tyres are for sledging down the hill…. having fun and a good laugh???

In Feng Shui, there are 9 specific areas to check using the Bagua map (see posts below) when de-cluttering and styling your home… either a complete make-over or just a little freshen up-the-place type of session!!!!
1: Prosperity
2: Fame
3: Career & travel/journey
4: Love & Relationships
5: family
6: Health
7: creativity & children
8: knowledge & skills
9: Helpful people/friends
It’s extremely interesting to figure out these areas in your house and how they correspond to you life….
You do need to know that Feng shui is not about waving a magical wand and afterwards ‘My life is magically a 100% OKAY!’ It is also about how you go about incorporating Feng SHui into your life… MAKE SLOW CHANGES… preferably step by step… so you can adapt to the different energy … and then do the next thing!
In my next posts I will touch upon each section.
Just have fun with it and try something out…
Love, C

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