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Prosperity in Feng Shui


I promised to write a little about each of the 9 areas of the Feng Shui energy map ‘the Bagua’.
To start with Prosperity!
Feng Shui prosperity goes far beyond your bank account! From a Feng Shui point of view, being prosperous means to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
It means also having wonderful relationships both personal and professional and to be in a position where all that is good is abundant and readily available to you.
So, how do you attract prosperity? There have been many books written giving advice about it. A large part of it is intention. As you pay attention to your life and circumstances you often see areas in which you want change. When you set your intention for prosperity you are sayin to the universe “I want prosperity to be part of my life experience.”
Prosperity allows you to attain financial freedom, reach your goals and live your dreams.
However by introducing Feg Shui inot your life, it is not going to be like waving a magic wand… it takes your own personal willpower to make the appropriate changes and to beocme disciplined in setting goals, and then taking one step at a time.
No succesful business comes to fruitition by just waving a magical wand. You can though, use Feng shui to clear clutter in your prosperity area, make it beautiful and light and attractive. Make sure to pay bills on time and save 10% of all your earnings! Start building and make a moodboard of all you want in life and hang it up where you can see it. Just thinking about it will not get anything moved… it’s going into action… doing the deed… that’s the first step of taking hold of your magic wand!!!
If I can do it, so can you!
Okay… too much tekst already! So dwell on the subject and google the internet if I have tweaked your interest.
Still left with questions, drop me a note on my blog.
Love and wishing you lots of succes and prosperity in your life!!!!
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  1. sunshine says:

    >You always find the best pictures to go along with your posts!
    I really like this idea and agree 100%. When you begin to pay attention to what's going on and what you want from your life, change happens.


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