Feng Shui, Space Clearing

Pouring your heart into all you do!


Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Cleaning your house and Clearng out all your clutter works wonders on your own inner self! To me it all boils down to pouring your whole heart into it… every action you do has to come from the heart and with love and passion! Otherwise it will not feel right… so you need to open your heart … which is not always easy…
However, you will receive lots of love back in unexpected ways! Have no expectations and be happily surprised…. we too frequently expect things in return from others.. the thing being that we always get so very dissappointed.. so throw that one out of the window… as it clutters up your inside anyway… and is a real energy blocker!
Live & love in the now,
Happy pouring your heart into IT!,
love C

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