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This is the Bagua map of Feng Shui!

Decorating and Feng Shui centeres around the energies ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. Yin is peaceful calm energy which makes you feel relaxed. Yang is a lively, active energy, which makes you feel more active and stimulated.

It teaches us how the spaces in our home can be designed and rearranged following the principles in order to supply us with the right balance and harmony.
One of the most important concept is the Bagua energy map that is shaped like an octagon. The Bagua is a tool we can use to determine each living or working space. This idea divides any space into nine areas, with each area corresponding to a different part of you life.

I lovee this totally and have followed the Bagua principle in my own home and it really does work.

If you want to use it on your house, start with the downstairs floor… make a drawing of the layout of your house (as much to scale as poss) then turn THAT shape into a square or rectangular…. dotting the missing corners…. SO if you have an irregular house or have built on an extension then think?draw in the missing corners… this is very important as it can indicate something in that missing area might not be working for you. Then draw a line from one corner to the other corner so you end up with a cross through your shape. Where the lines cross in the middle is where the center of the Bagua has to be placed.

The Bagua (copy the above one into your pictures file on your computer and print it out) is then placed in the center of the cross and lined where your front door is with the ‘Life Journey, and Career in the middle…. the Bagua can stretch itself out!

Just be curious and figure out the shape of your home and how it squares up with the Bagua. Where is your relationship area, prosperity, family, wisdom area… is it cluttered up or tidy, beautiful & feels great!

Let me know what you discovered!

Love, C

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