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Christmas decorations need a good sort out!


In recent posts I wrote about my attic been cleared out of all our clutter. At a certain point it had got so bad that when I took down the stairs and tried to shove clutter up there it no longer fit in! I had built a mound round it’s entrance…. so I finally threw most out! It was the best I ever did up there. Felt much lighter too for it. Anyway.. i hadn’t really dug around the christmas decorations box… HUGE one by the way… so as we are getting our tree tomorrow… I thought I had better go through the boxes of balls etc… and yes… discovered many empty old boxes… and tatty bits and bobs! What a delight to sort it all out and treasure my precious white and silver birds, santas, and balls…. in tissue paper! Lights all over the place, some for big trees others for little kids trees! All neatly rolled up again and untangled! Job well done I reckon! So I’m well ready for the tree tomorrow!
I let my children decorate the tree and let go of colour schemes….. although I do give hints and tips!!!!
Will it turn out looking Feng shui? I believe it’s the energy surrounding the tree and the love that has gone into chosing and decorating it that will make it Feng shui anyway!
Happy x-mas tree chosing and decorating!
Love, C
Will post photo of tree soon.

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