Feng Shui

Become curious about how to ‘Zen’ your home and feel the energy shift


Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flow of natural energies in our surroundings to create beneficial effects in our lives. It is like ‘Zen’, placing everything in your home with love and attention until it feels right and you can sense an energy shift!
Much has been written on this wonderful subject… and there are plenty of interesting and good books… and blogs!
The name Feng Shui originates in China and translates as ‘Wind & Water’. It was first used in ancient China about 3 thousand years ago to determine the most auspicious sites for the tombs of ancestors in order to give them the best advantage to help their living descendants. Later it was used to site palaces, important government buildigs, and monuments until whole cities were designed according to Feng Shui principles.
So Feng shui is not only used for interior design purposes… it is used in all aspects of life, and in order to become a true Feng Shui Master… it takes about 30 years of studying all aspects.
Some principles can be studied and taught fairly easily… but do join courses given by professionals.
Anyway, for today I just want to get you curious about how your home feels to you now… go round each room with pen and paper and write down how it feels and % of clutter is actually in the room… and what you would like to see different.
Also become more aware of how you place things… try it out by moving stuff around and feel in your body if there is a click… or not! take a step back and look at the changes you have made… if you start smiling you know it’s perfect!!!
Have fun and clear away some of your clutter… even if it’s only 3 items!
Just do it! and let me know if you feel different afterwards.
and don’t forget to do everything with your sole attention and love!
Love, C

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