Feng Shui

A life filled with wellness…. I love it all!!!


To start of the day with having a long lie in

Served a deliscious cup of tea!!!

Do some quiet meditation

Find myself a snug WHITE & SOFT bathrobe,

because I have been made a lovely hot bath with lots of…

heavenly smelling soaps and oils to …

soak my body in!!!

and totally relax my tired christmas body…. waiting to be…


realizing that I need to do this ritual more frequently than I actually do!

So I will look radiant always!!!
As a matter of fact I NEED it now!
I love wellness…
So… I will enter my home ‘zenned’ bathroom this evening and treat myself to a good scrub and soak!
Light some candles… and slowely drift into heaven!
How often do you treat yourself to some pampering???
Love, C
photo’s via here, here and at a cup of Jo

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