Gorgeous hot indian summer autumn kind of day


photo’s taken by myself
I didn’t get round to posting yesterday though, but would still love to mention how gorgeous the day was here in Holland!!! Quite exceptional. I was having a break and sitting outside as the sun was shinning brightly and the sky was a clear blue…. the wind was blowing softly, but just enough to make the fallen leaves of my Catalpa trees to start moving about… rustling and crackling across my terrace! My ornamental grasses looked fantastic in the sunlight and bend in all directions when the wind blows freely trhough the stems. What a lovely sound! I just love days like these.. a real treat… with so much beauty for free! The sun and the wind gave me lots of energy to get back to the kitchen and make afternoon tea for my boys… they love the egg salad and Boursin (a french soft cheese) with cucumber sandwiches especially! After a long day at school they scoff the lot! including the sweettooth plate stacked with cakes and currant buns!!

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