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Explaining the term Feng Shui


photo by Matt Bird 

Feng Shui

The term Feng Shui means “wind” (Feng) and “water” (Shui) and is the name the Chinese gave to a very practical and intuitive art which seeks to bring people and their environment into balance and harmony creating the most positive relationship possible. This balanced and harmonious relationship allows one to direct the flow of nature’s positive energy or Chi to bring opportunities, blessings, peace, joy, health, wealth, happiness, success and positive relationships into our lives. The winds are mild,The sun is bright,The water is clear,The trees are lush.This ancient Chinese Poem describes ideal living conditions, in harmony with Air and Earth. It describes very good Feng Shui. It is said that the term Feng Shui came from this poem. 


Feng Shui is not a religion! It is a 5000 year old philosophy of living in harmony with nature and yourself, which is constantly being updated to be appropriate for our lives and world. Feng Shui improves our lives… so why not try it! Nothing to loose! Love, C

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