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The Tidy Revolution:
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a tidy wardrobe

– for more space, peace & success in all facets of your life –

If you have answered YES - then no worries - I have got you covered and am here to help you organise it once and for all.

* I teach you what the JOY CHECK is and how you get to keep all the clothes which make you happy.

* You will learn how to let go of clothes in gratitude which no longer spark joy. You thank them for having been in your life. 


I will take you by the hand and explain how the KonMari system of tidying works and how YOU too can get started. You will learn how to use this super effective method to your advantage. First you have to commit and take the first step.

Tidying per category is a system which works. You will never rebound.

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What is the KonMari Method™️?

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart” – Marie Kondo

You will receive an inspiring letter with useful tips and tricks on how to keep your home and wardrobe tidy.

The method is based on the question “Does this spark joy?” We call this the joy check. This beautiful method was created by the Japanese tidying guru, Marie Kondo, who discovered that tidying per category is much more effective than tidying per location. If you tidy per location you will be tidying for ever. Do it once per category and your whole house will feel light and peaceful.

Instead of tidying per location ie. every single room in the house we tidy per category. There are 5 categories: clothes, books, paper, Komono (miscellaneous) and sentimental items.

You only have a tidy festival once in your home after which you will know exactly where everything ‘lives’!

The secret is: everything gets it’s own home!

For now we will begin here with the first category: clothes

Hi, my name is Carolyn, and I'm your Professional Tidy Expert.

It’s my mission to help female entrepreneurs and professionals like you, who lead a busy life, to get their house organised and looking great. My goal is to make sure your home gives you pleasure and energises you again.

Coming home to a house which energises you is the ultimate form to be able to relax & recharge your own batteries whilst caring for your loved ones too.   

How is that possible I hear you ask? Well, it’s because you will be surrounded by things which spark joy to you and all will have their own resting place to recharge too.

tidy wardrobe

Tidy up & Transform your Wardrobe

and experience the amazing shift in yourself!

Discover during the online course:

Secret 1: How the KonMari Method wil simplify your life more and improve it big time.

Secret 2: How you can create your ideal wardrobe within 8 hours.

Secret 3: How your family members become intrigued by what you are doing and how you will inspire them to tidy too!

What you get:

Video lessons and a Q&A 1x a week for up to 6 weeks in the Zoom room (link will follow after payment) 

Also included are: checklists, planners to schedule your tidying weekends, a video Masterclass: How to fold & tidy to make life easier, free membership to the Tidy Revolution private fb group, AND 1×1 coaching of 30 minutes with me to make sure you START.

NOW for only €197 (excl. VAT)

The Tidy Revolution

– The online programme–

I teach you everything about the KonMari Method: the benefits and how it will help you make your life much easier.

You will create a subcategory tidying schedule for the coming month.

I provide you with tips and inspiration on how you can hang, store and arrange all your clothes beautifully.

You will receive my ebook ‘The Ultimate Guide For A Tidy Wardrobe’ free of charge.

You will become a member of the private Fb group The Tidy Revolution, where you can share your tidying stories.

You will learn how to tidy your wardrobe by yourself. I will teach you about the practical side (folding, sorting, and storage) and the emotional side (how to decide what to let go of, limiting beliefs and other struggles you may encounter during the process). 

There will be a weekly Q&A with everybody participating in Zoom.

You will receive 1x a 30 minute one to one coaching session with me (value €35.00).

How to fold a jumper
trui opvouwen
trui opvouwen stap 4

Before Wardrobe

Kledingkast voor het opruimen

After Wardrobe

Kledingkast na het opruimen

The Tidy Revolution

– a happy & peaceful way of living –

Join in and participate in this unique ONLINE course to really get started and take first steps towards a fab looking tidy wardrobe.

All from the comfort of your home 

Many women have already experienced the joy a tidy wardrobe brings them.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can do it on your own if you want to, however I encourage you to also join in with the weekly Zoom Q&A and share your process in the fb group. There you can get the support you need.

You receive the all the links as soon as you have completed the payment.

You will receive the link after payment has been completed. You will be sent an email with an invitation to the Tidy Revolution group. 

You will still have access to the fb group for at least 3 months. With your login details you have unlimited access to the lessons.

We offer Paypal, Visa, IDeal and several others.

We offer a no-satisfaction-money-back guarantee to all our customers. Our mission is for you to be happy and get the results you want.

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The Ultimate Guide For A Tidy Wardrobe

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