I have always been interested in people and beauty, creating and designing, gardens and landscapes. “ What does it take to make something or somebody beautiful?” That is a question that has fascinated me since my childhood.

Why does nature have such a special effect on us? What is the effect exactly? This differs from person to person but one element is always touched, namely the heart.

Famous artists like van Gogh, Rembrandt and Monet, have been so impressed that they created countless scenes on their canvases. It gave them a satisfying feeling, many people enjoy up to today these representations which are so true to nature.

My goal is to see to it that my client can realize such a representation so they will be able to get joy and inspiration of life.

Since my training at the Internationale Hogeschool van Larenstein at Velp, Garden and landscaping, I design gardens in the Netherlands and abroad.

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