serves 4

These chips are simple and easy to make and a lovely  potato replacement too. Once you get the hang of making them they will become regulars in your weekly or monthly menu plan. Always have sweet potato in your veggie basket. As they are a quick go-to vegetable if you are stuck for ideas. 



  • 1-2 tblsp coconut oil
  • 2 sweet potato, peeled and shredded into thin sticks with the mandolin if you have one otherwise slice into wedges and then cut into thin strips.
  • Himalaya pink salt and peper to taste


  1.  Heat 1 -2  tablespoons of oil in a pan over medium heat.
  2.  Add the potato sticks and fry, turning and moving continuously.
  3.  They are so fine that they can quickly and easily burn so keep an eye on them. Once browned on all sides and crisp, put them on a plate and cover with kitchen paper. 

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