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Enjoy the latest mouthwatering healthy nutritious recipes that I’ve created here. My library includes my own recipes, plus tweaked versions of other great health concious chefs and friends like you! Want something specific? Browse the navigation above. Dig in! Click on the picture to go to the recipe.

Raspberry Smoothie

This is an easy to go breakfast which you can make the evening before.

Overnight oats

Overnight oats with home made nut granola…. tasty, tasty…

Mashed Avocado on toast

delicious healhty avocado mashed on toast, topped with a poached egg!

Rocket and mushroom salad

Simple easy salad with amazing mushrooms and some pecorino cheese shavings.

Mediterranean Vegetables

A wonderfully colourful oven dish with delicious flavours. Fab as a side dish with fish, tofu or chicken.

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup

I love the colour of this soup and the flavours are just awesome. Great to give you warmth.

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Spinach porridge bowl

The most amazing twist to your daily oatmeal porridge. A veggie fruit porridge soup kind of thing…. 



Easy Peasy Green Smoothie

Quick and easy does this one. Anyone can make it in 2 minutes. Clean & Healthy.

Minty Carrot Smoothie

A velvety smooth green smoothie with a dash of mint for that extra surprise taste. I love this one…

Salad in a jar

They are simply the best luch to go. Prepare the evening before and store in your fridge.

Mushroom & Pancetta Pasta 

Simple easy to make dinner for two. Light, tasty and mouthwatering easy.

Fish Pie With Sweet Potato

A different version to the original one as it’s with sweet potato instead. Just as delicious. A must in your monthly meal plan.

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Sweet Potato Chips

The best healthy little chips ever. Once you get accustomed to making them, you’re hooked!

Chicken Casserole

A really tasty chicken dish with carrot, leeks and celery & a twist of Tarragon .

Rose petal lavender tea

A light infused rose petal tea to make you sleep well at night. Add a little lavender and allow your mind to calm down.

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