Probably the most important meal of the day. Most people underestimate a good healthy breakfast. It doesn’t need to be complicated. You can always make something quick and easy if you go tot work every day and leave early. Every muesli mixed with healthy smoothie juice can be easily thrown together the night before. The secret is to have all your ingredients ready waiting for you. And of course the disciplie to make it for YOURself!!

Here I post healthy food only… gluten free as much as possible.


Another important meal to indulge in if you want to avoid the 4pm sugar dip craving moment. Whenever I eat a good healthy lunch packed with vegetables, lettuce, seeds, nuts and fish I last easily till supper time. 

So here is the secret to investing in your lunch… buy a mason jar so you can make the lunch at the same time you make you breakfast for the next day too. Store overnight in the fridge…ready to grab next morning!


Ah… so now we get to this lovely time of day… after you have probably fed your own kids and made sure they are happy and snuggled up on the sofa watching telly. So now you can start cooking your own meal for you and your partner. Time in the kitchen at the end of the day is a fantastic moment to share each others stories. A moment to either have a hot tea or a glass of wine or a beer. Just nice pleasant banter between the two of you.

Shopping you will have doen at the weekend for the whole week and all you need to do is enjoy preparing. What’s not to like…. 

Let me take you to some easy healthy evening meals here…