My Body My Temple

– a happy & healthy way of living –

‘Every day you can start working towards a healthy body, mindset and a positive relationship with food and therefor also with Your-Self.’

Be the best version of you be YOU-nique 💞

Your body is mega important. It gets you places and carries you around for a lifetime. So how you treat it and love it will determine how you get on in life. I know you want to live a healthy lifestyle and want to keep fit and happy, so the 21 day intensive or the monthly memebership plan are going to bring about just that for you! A healthy happy body… who doesn’t want that!

I focus on the lifestyle and not on the diet!

Balance, Heal & Transform

the Whole Self

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 Having problems with?


•  Low Self-Esteem?

• Are you body concious?

• Do you binge eat?

• Are you feeling insecure?

• Are you lacking in self confidence.

• Are you in an unhappy relationship?

• Do you have a low sex drive.

• Are you on the verge of a burn-out?

• Do feel un-feminine?

• Are you always judging yourself? 

• Do you say: I’m not good enough?


Then help is at hand …


So you want to live a happier and more joyful life?…. well you can do that if you begin by stepping into your light.


. • What makes you BUZZZZZ?

• What activity gives you energy?

• What lights YOU up?

• What brings YOU into the ZONE?

Once YOU discover THAT and bring IT into your life, then you’ll become more attractive and a magnet that people will want to be around …. your LOVE …. being YOU-nique

Sign up for the 1 month My Body My Temple membership or for the intense SPECIAL 21 days online course, both from the comfort of your home!

You can join the Monthly Membership daily.

21 Day Intensive Online Course starts 1st Monday of each month.

The 21 days is the kickstart you need before going into the monthly membership.

De trainingen en abonnement zijn OOK in het NEDERLANDS!

I’m your expert in happy & healthy way of living.


“I truly believe in living life authentically and to the full. Inspiring, empowering and healing you is my job.”

My mission in life is to help and support as many women as possible who want to live a healthy lifestyle and are open to personal growth and development, passionate about wanting to make this world a better place to live in.

British mother, brought up in the Netherlands, of 2 beautiful children. Founder of the LESSONS IN LOVE ACADEMY, expert in:

• how to live a healthy lifestyle.

• how to make you lose weight and change

your mindset about food and your body.

• creating easy delicious recipes

• teaching you how to dance online

Through dance, massage, visualisations, meditation and exercises I bring you into contact with your inner beauty, heart, love, female energy, giving you confidence and connecting you to  your Higher Self which has an amazing powerful transformational effect.

Het gehele programma kan ook in het Nederlands

Ik spreek ook vloeiend Nederlands en kan je dus ook heel gemakkelijk in het Nederlands begeleiden. De Nederlandstalige versie komt er aan. Doe in ieder geval mee met het maand abonnenment zodat je alvast kunt beginnen. Heb je vragen dan kun je altijd contact met mij opnemen.

I help you discover yourself again. I inspire you to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Because today we live in a world so obsessed by how we have to look ‘slim, perfect, happy, smart’ it is making most of us leaving worthless and empty. I want to bring back your aliveness so you become happy with your own beautiful self… confident and empowered.

‘Every day you can start working towards a healthy body, mindset and a positive relationship with food.’


Why should you put your faith in me? I’ve been coaching women for over 15 years. I know what makes women tick. I’ve invested in some of the best courses in Europe on personal development … so I know what I’m talking about… from Coaching, Core Energetics to Transformational Breath.


This is like a handbook, a manual for you to have for the rest of your life. I take you by the hand with easy to follow steps. Because you’ll get my love and energy and that will inpsire and empower you. I know what it is like to be where you are now…. I want to help women develop and become savvy. I’m an inspirator. I hate complicated … & I love easy…. so no tests & no exams…. just about you becoming You-nique again and if you want, creating your first project which could begin to provide you with extra pocket money….


Your body is mega important. It gets you places and carries you around for a lifetime. So how you treat it and love it will determine how you get on in life. I know you want to live a healthy lifestyle and want to keep fit and happy, so these 21 days are going to bring about just that for you! A healthy happy body… who doesn’t want that!


Your mind and how you think about yourself and your body also plays a major role in your life. How you think about yourself is how you see yourself. So you need to change your mindset and start thinking positively about yourself. In this 21 day intensive you will learn how to take steps towards creating a more positive mindset, so you will feel way more confident and love yourself more.


Your temple is you… your YOU-niqueness and that is so important! Once you experience true self-love you will notice a change in the relationships you have with others too. You attract what you send out. When you ooze love, confidence, kindness and compassion you become a magnet and others will want to be around you. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

My Body My Temple

– a happy & healthy way of living –

Sign up for the 1 month My Body My Temple membership or for the intense SPECIAL 21 Days online course, both from the comfort of your own home!

Daily kick-off with the membership.

21 days Intensive starts: 1st Monday of: July, Ocotober, January, April


‘ My mission is to help you discover your YOU-niqueness and to find the thing you are most called to do. To help you find your tribe and to grow your abundance. I want to supercharge your Self Esteem, Nourish you and I’ll share everything I know to help you get there.’





Every day you can start with SELF LOVE and working towards a healthy body, mindset and a positive relationship with food. Do you know what a healthy body can do for you and your life? The major benefits are:

• More Confidence

• More Self Love

• Confidence Boost

• Nourished Soul

• Awakened Sensuality

• Empowered Spirit

• More Energy

• Positive mindset to food

• Happier Relationships

• Inner Glow

• Activated Creativity

• More Self Esteem

Create healthy habits that last..


My Body My Temple

– The programme –


I really teach you how to become way more confident so you can start living your deepest longing & be-YOU-NIQUE. My personal coaching encourages and inspires you to stay on track and keeps you focussed on your goals. How do you get good at Self Love and discover your YOU-niqueness?


You learn! But where can you learn this? Where can you get education, support, resources and expert advice? Well right here! By doing My Body My Temple and by joining the Lessons In Love Academy!



21 Days Intensive online course

receive the below package which includes

2x 1-1 Coaching and weekly workbooks


You will receive weekly live meditation sessions conducted by myself. Over the duration of your course these will focus on:

Why meditation is good for you

• How to meditate

• Creativity

• Healing

• Prosperity and abundance

• Stress release


You will receive meal plans including a shopping list so you are all set up for the week ahead.

These will provide you (and your family) with a healhty balanced diet.


Focusing on mindful eating and changing your mindset about food which will make you feel great about yourself and your body.


All lessons will have a workbook for you to print out and use.

The workbooks are there to answer questions you have about yourself, your dreams and your wishes.


The workbooks will challenge you to think outside the box and provide a daily journal for the next 21 days.


You receive 2x 1-to-1 live coaching sessions conducted using Skype or Zoom. These aim to bring together the different components of the course and provide personal help, support and feedback on your journey. (coaching 2x available only in 21 Days Intensive package)


Every week you will receive tips and challenges regarding how to Zen your home. This will teach you about energies too and the benefits of keeping your house looking beautiful.


You will receive access to videos providing a weekly programme of easy to do exercises and other rituals. These are designed to loosen and strengthen your body. It’s really important to keep your body flexible and fit. Not mad fit like Leisure Center crazy fit, but just checking in with your body’s wellbeing and completing a daily routine of 10-15 minutes. It’s a lifestyle thing….

You also become a member of the Academy’s closed private VIP Facebook group. A community of like-minded women who are all travelling on the same road but are on different paths. It’s there to help and support you, and provide a place to share your story and your dreams. Somewhere to give and receive.


€ 8/ex VAT (BTW)

Receive Nourishment in the way of:

• weekly easy to do exercises & inspiration (5-15 min)
• Latest recipes.
• Learn about what changes you need to make to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle
• Access to the private FB group
• Monthly Q&A in th FB group
• Monthly guided meditation together
• Mindfulness & lifestyle tips
• … Costs you less than a cup of coffee a day


€ 188/ex VAT (BTW)

Receive Nourishment in the way of:


• Includes 2 private skype coaching sessions of 1 hr.
•  Daily easy to do exercises & inspiration (5-15 min)
• recipes and mealplans for 21 days
• Lifetime access to all lessons and updates
• Weekly support from Carolyn, to heal, grow and gain insight into what you really want in life
• Includes workbooks and mealplans
• Includes beautiful podcasts
• Learn about what changes you need to make to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle
• Mindfulness & Lifestyle tips
• Access to the private VIP facebook group. Sharing is caring
• Access to all videos 
• Weekly Q&A webinar sessions

What my customers are saying about me......

“Thanks again so very very very much for the lovely workshop you gave this weekend. It wasn’t just a nice day but a beautiful one. It has helped to keep me moving forwards, both immediatley afterwards and up to the present day. Scary, but it does feel good, and somehow I suppose I’m also really looking forward to continue to discover more about myself.

 In a very pure way you managed to create a lovely and secure atmoshpere. I felt at ease really quickly. This might sound strange to you because I was regularly giving off different signals, however for someting that is so outside of my comfort zone, I was able to show more of myself than I had expected to do.  This is definitely something you managed to bring out of me.

During the dancing with me you managed to carefully open up blocks in a very subtle way. You created space for me to be able to feel and experience what is happening to me. Everything is ok without any judgement. It’s really very clever how you do that, so naturally.

The combination of dancing and meditation creates a beautiful balance  between being intensely active in your body and peacefull in your mind. You managed the flow of the day well.

 I think you are an amazing woman and it’s fantastic how you have set up your workshops. Keep going like this. 

Suzanne P

ZINZIA Home Care Center

I have started to follow Carolyn’s monthly membership course since April and I reap the benefits daily. I really love her involvement and her motivation to get you changing how you think about food and healthy living. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that we look after ourselves in body, mind and spirit. Especially our bodies need good taking care of because they carry us all over the place and when we take good care of our body then often mind and spirit follow. If you feel happy in your body you feel happy in your mind too. The balance is what you aim for. I love all Carolyn’s healthy easy to make recipes and have learnt so much from her too. I woudl recommend doing the 21 day intensive first and then join the monthly membership after so you can saty motivated. So much more fun doing it in a group than on your own. 


Mo Bleeck

CEO, Bleeck & van Blijdorp Physiotherapy

“What a wonderful day I experienced with you. You created such a safe atmosphere in which you intuitively danced with me. I saw immense power in your eyes and you reminded me of my own strength and power again. It brought me lots and I am now letting it all sink in.

I have participated in several of your classes and everytime you amaze me at how you make me feel safe, loved and encourged to become the butterlfy I really want to be”

Nicole v D

Senior Purser, KLM

“It was a beautiful workshop and I would definintely recommend it. It is a mixture of dancing and meditation. I was never really one for meditating on a yoga mat, however the minute that beautiful song started to play I could all of a sudden sit still. The first time I heard that song it also touched me, why, I’m not so sure, as I wasn’t aware of it’s meaning. The second time Carolyn played the song I could listen properly and enjoy it’s beauty. I frequently play it when travelling by train in the morning to work.

It’s true what you say, that during the workshop we will grow. At first I thought it was scary to make contact, but because you are so appraochable I eventually dared to take steps and as the day progressed I felt myself become stronger and stronger, and I still reap this benefit up until today. So thank you! 

Yvette W


“Carolyn is enthusiastic and glows. She has the ability and gift to see where people are stuck in their bodies. She is extremely intuitive and gets it spot on. She supports you to open up and releasing any blockages in a very skilled, effective and professional manner. It was a pleasure to learn and dance with you.”

Tineke B

“Following courses and workshops with Carolyn always gives me such a confidence boost. Being with her gives me so much energy and uplifts my mood always. She is generous, giving and caring with enough love to give to everybody. She is an inspiration to women guiding them on their path of self discovery. When I do course work with her I always reconnect to my feminine energy and to my heart. She is professional and commited to make it work for you. I admire her for her courage and mission to bring this work to everybody “

Marijke v d P

CEO, Dutch Tax Office

“Carolyn has a big heart, spreads and emmenates love. She always has time for you, listens to your story and inspires you in such a way that you feel energised and empowered to go and do your thing. She really makes you believe in yourself again. She is a natural leader, confident and trustworthy.

Cisca d H

My Body My Temple

– a happy & healthy way of living –

Sign up for the 1 month My Body My Temple membership or for the intense SPECIAL 21 Days online course, both from the comfort of your own home! 

Frequently asked Questions

With an online course will I be doing it all by myself?

You can if you wish, but you don’t have to. As soon as you sign up for My Body My Temple Coure you automatically become VIP member of a closed Facebook Community. This is a community with other participating students. You will learn as a group to interact with each other, ask each other questions and support each other too. I will of course also join in and reply to any issues arising in the group so everybody can learn from that. In brief everybody in the group benefits and everybody can go at their own pace. The beauty of it is you create a whole new network giving you lot of inpsiration too.

What if I want to change to the VIP package, is that an option?

Yes, you can always change to the VIP package… just send us an email and we will sort it out for you.

What is the format of the 21 Days Programme?

With each lesson you receive a workbook with what to do and expect in that particular lesson. The workbook may vary in content. It will either have questions for you to answer or a fun task to do. They might also have menu plans and shopping lists or require you to get all creative.

Yes at times they might challenge you out of your comfort zone, but I guess that is also why you are here to learn and grow.  There will be meditations you can listen to and you can follow me in the facebook group. We dance and exercise Monday to Friday, so you have the weekend to relax. Every week you also get soundcloud visualisations to listen to to soothe your mind. In this way you will feel you are developing and educating yourself in a beautiful, easy, gentle and loving way.

What if I don't manage to finish the course in the 21 days?

Don’t worry. After the course ends you have unlimited acces to the programme and lessons, including all future updates! Your closed facebook group stays open for all of you so you can continue supporting each other.

If you are already concerned about not making it to the end then just email us and we can always place you in the next group and their closed MYBODYMYTEMPLE-FB group.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 14 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.