Our homes are, in most cases, our living quarters. A place where we feel safe, loved and cared for. A place where memories are created by the family and friends we invite. Homes mirror our lives, they represent who we are as individuals and it tells you your life story, so why not make sure your home is special, beautiful and happy for all those who live there.

No matter where you live, big or small, or whether you have moved around frequently, we can all make sure our homes are comfortable and pretty as long as we pour our heart and love into it! By doing so you will do yourself a favour too. By creating beauty and warmth around you, you will relax more and more and be able to enjoy being at home and therefor be able to focus more on other important issues like career, relationships, health etc.

On my website you will find great tips and tools on how to go about creating and designing your own special place. Just do it and experience the magnificent change within yourself.

If you need personal support, coaching to get you going or need a complete Feng Shui or Clear Your Clutter service, I would be delighted to help you out.

My prices vary depending on the scale of the project and service needed. I work with a great team located in the Netherlands. We travel through Holland and turn your house into a beautiful zen temple…. you will be astonished with the transformation. After the clearing we offer a cleaning service too. 

For any questions and information please contact me via the contact page on my website. 

If you know of anybosy who could do with their home being transformed without major costs then share this page with them…. thank you…. ❤️🙏❤️

Love and Light,



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