How I work:

There are 2 ways:

1: An offer to advise, coach and give tips and tools on how to go about your garden. (no new Design)

This includes:

  • Intake consultation.
  • Moodboard to be used as a goal to create desired look.
  • Written document with ‘to do’ list for the client on how to go about making the necessary changes.
  • Written document with tips and tools as to how to keep the garden looking attractive and well kept.
  • Written document with plant suggestions.
  • check-up after 3 months to see how the client is doing.

Price: €500,-

2. A complete new Design for your garden.

This includes:

  • Intake consultation.
  • Client delivers a cadastral drawing of the plot as it is.
  • After the intake consultation I will write a document with the wishes of the client and include the price offer.
  • A moodboard will be created to give a global impression of the atmosphere of the desired garden.
  • A second meeting is planned where I present the moodboard and 3 rough sketches out of which 1 will be chosen in which changes can still be made.
  •  The final design will be presented during a third meeting. If all is given the ok then a
  • Technical drawing for the constructor/gardener will be designed and
  •  A plan for plants to be used.

Prices depend on the size of the garden: starting from €950,-

For any questions do please contact me at via the contact page on this website,  and I will be happy to be of service to you.

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