Fabulously Feminine

Do you ever wish you just had a roadmap that would tell you which way to go?

Feeling tired, stuck and have you arrived at a cross road in your life and can’t figure out which way to turn then YOU have come to the right page!!!

I am a lifestyle coach for women….. With over 10 years of experience in relationship coaching touching upon all the subjects that are of great importance to keep a relationship healthy and strong. However not every relationship can survive certain ordeals and I know all about that…. Therefor my speciality is also how to coach you through the difficult times. Learn how to rediscover yourself and find true love and happiness again within yourself and with a new partner who is right for YOU. ❤️

Through coaching I guide you back to what you want out of life and support you in doing so.

I’ve always been interested in people and beauty, dancing, movement, creating, designing, gardens, and landscapes. “What does it take to make something or somebody beautiful?” is a question that has fascinated me since my childhood.

Why does nature have such a special effect on us? What exactly is the effect? This differs from person to person but one element is always touched. The heart.

I believe the power of beauty comes from the heart! So therefore let the heart speak! Begin to say what you really want out loud in a pleasant way… Not whiny, girly or in a dominant way… But friendly and powerful so the other person feels that you really mean it.

Through dance, massage, visualisations and exercises I bring you into contact with your inner beauty and sexual energy. Would you like to experience what sensual dancing can do for you, take a look at the Sensual Burlesque Dancing Workshops >>> or the Sensual Dancing for Couples Workshops >>>.

Or if one on one relationship coaching workshops are more your thing the read the Coaching pages here.

If dancing is not your thing or you prefer personal private coaching then check out the sub menus in Fabulously Feminine for more information about how to get started and prices.

Love, C.