If you love dancing and are currently looking for a lovely gentle workshop to get your body and soul connected again, then you have hit the right page!

Dancing always makes people feel happy and relaxed boosting the fun factor whilst doing it. No matter where you are in the world, everybody dances in the same language!

I have always danced in my life, it’s my major love (and healthy food)! From ballet, ballroom to disco and Burlesque and 5 Rhythms by Gabriella Roth!

I love it all… and believe deeply that if you get down and dance your dance you lift your spirit and experience an immense energy boost whilst releasing the happy hormone Serotonin. It has been proved over and over again that dancing is healthy for the mind and body and lifts us up so we can get on with our every day lives.

The Love2Dance is an easy workshop to follow. No difficult steps to learn… you just go with the flow and follow your feet and create your own dance! I do guide and coach you to dance and move outside your comfort-zone so you experience what it’s like to shake your shizzle and burst some blocks. It will be a transformational experience!

All ages are welcome ….

Classes Cost: £65 / €70

Where: Horsham,West Sussex, UK / Nijmegen, De Ruyterstraat 65, The Nehterlands

So if you feel in the mood to get your body moving and into shape then now is the time to join my workshop. I’m about easy supportive coaching and showing you your own choreography which will develop and grow during time.

New dates for 2018 are posted on this page here: Facebook fabulously feminine

If you have any questions drop me a line.


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