Sensual Dancing for Couples

A special workshop for individual couples who are looking for a relationship/love boost.

You both don’t need to be good at dancing. I help and guide you along the way. It’s dancing and connecting with each other through the 7 chakras and energy of the genital area and heart. You could say it introduces you to Tantra and Kamasutra without really being aware it’s happening. It’s intimate and for the man a new way to learn how to follow his partners body and feelings… You will both become more sensitive to each others wishes… And what could be more beautiful than to connect on a deeper with each other and leave the workshop feeling energized and more happy!

You can choose to wear whatever you want… I suggest the women wear sensual beautiful lingerie underneath a feminine dress/skirt and top. With stockings and shoes with heels that are comfortable for you to dance in. Make sure you smell lovely, and spray on some perfume… The men should also wear nice boxers (preferably you go out together and buy the boxers & lingerie with each other) …. Trousers and a nice shirt or polo… What ever you are comfortable in. Make sure you are clean shaven and smell nice…. 

The dancing together becomes an adventure and a beautiful way to have fun and laugh… Your souls reconnecting again (only if you know you have drifted apart)… and walk out of the door holding hands… Smiling… Knowing…

If you are curious about the magic… Then contact me to set a date. 

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