Why Coaching?

Our relationship with ourselves and others color every day of our lives. They can either make us or break us. Yet, in a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate we are still holding on to relationship models and lifestyles that have been around for centuries.
As people struggle to reconcile the demands of the new career models and lifestyles with traditional ideas of what constitutes a happy family or relationship, break downs are inevitable.
Divorce is up, marriage is down. Bullying is rampant in schools and gossip is considered normal, causing many teens to act out violently against themselves or others in order to cope.
We were never taught about relationships in school. There was no “relationships 101” class to provide us with the knowledge and skills we’d need to have healthy, happy relationships with ourself, our families, employees co-workers or spouses. Yet relationships affect every area of our lives. When they are harmonious, we feel like we can do anything (and we can). But when there is conflict, it colors everything. Our productivity, health and other relationships suffer.
The greatest gift you can give another person – whether it be a client, a stranger you meet in the grocery store, or a loved one -is the gift of a harmonious relationship. But there are no quick fixes. In order to make a difference in peoples’ lives, you have to give them the tools and skills to succeed. That is the role of a relationship coach.

I give you those tools and skills so you can succeed in your relationship with yourself and with others. The fact that you have landed on my website is already your first step… you must be curious about something and ready to learn and grow… A courageous step already… now go for your first session which is a free 30 minute talk where You get to know me and I get to know You… if there is a click and both parties feel comfortable with one another then we can continue the coaching. It will take 6-8 times and will get you well on your way.

So come on over and let’s get your life on the map again! Book a session by clicking on the PAYPAL button on the righthand side selecting your choice. 👉

You can ask a question and get a reply for only €1.80  👉

Private coaching session:  via Skype works really well.

45 minutes £55,- (€62,50) Payment made in advance. Not happy, money back guarantee!

Private workshop including dance, relationship coaching (mini bootcamp) in Shoreham UK or Nijmegen, NL

2,5 hours £170,- (€180,-)