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Wellingtons versus Wellness

Yesterday it was a totally wet and dreary day over here in good old Holland! I had planned to venture out into the garden to rearrange some of my plants…. but I just couldn’t make myself enter the wetness!!! I would have come in looking like a drenched cat! with all my tools muddy and yucky… and wasn’t really time-managing to give them all the yearly clean- and oil-up session!

Anyway so today it is dry(ofcourse)… but no garden expedition for me as I have other great plans! I have treated myself to a wellness day (full Hammam session) with a friend …. and I am really looking forward to it …. as I love wellness and being pampered…. chatting, reading the latest magazines and going out for dinner!

Wow ….. total luxury! and I am going to induldge and enjoy it al. I will take my wellies off ….. before entering the Hammam…. Just loved this picture on the left… as it sums me up totally!

Women need lots pampering and plenty of TLC at times… to keep the engine going strong, so we can excell in our multi-tasking jobs!!!!

I also massage many women and it is always a gift to see them relax during the one hour session and go back home happy, inspired and satisfied!

My tip to you: for your next birthday or any other special event (you can always create one) request a gift voucher for a massage or wellness… it will do you the world of good. It is food for the soul!

So my wellingtons are standing near the backdoor…. so not going to win it from the wellness today! It will be the weekend before I pull them on and plunge into the earth with my spades!

Lots of LOVE, C

How often do you take care of yourself properly…? It is a very important Feng Shui  Health and wellcare ‘thing’!

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