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Time to write some thank you letters

It is already the second week of January and the christmas tree with all it’s decorations have been tidied away in their boxes and stashed up in the attic set to be unpacked again in December! How time flies!

I always make notes of dinners, snacks and shopping I did and stash the lists at the back of my calendar for this year…come December all I need to do is get out the list and add the changes I want to make… but at least the planning has already been sorted!

If you do presents and gifts during December and also receive some then I think it is a really touching idea to write people a hand written thank you letter. It doesn’t need to be extremely long, just a short note does the trick…. it’s the thought that counts….

So put it on your ‘to do’ list for this week, get some lovely cards, the stamps and take a stroll to your nearest postbox and voilá…. it will not only give you great pleasure, but also the friends and family on the receiving end will feel their heart fill with warmth. That is what life is about filling other people’s heart with love and warmth…. and for sure you will receive it return….

Happy letter writing….C

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