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The July 27/28th 2018 Blood Moon Will Kick Your Emotions Into Overdrive

Lunar eclipse 27th / 28th July

I LOVE THE MOON and the impact she has on all of us… 🌕💞

If you start feeling overwhelmed as of tomorrow!!! Remember it’s full blood moon and the longest eclipse of the moon… so emotions can be stronger than normal.

What’s more, the July 2018 total lunar eclipse is the longest lunar eclipse this century, which only intensifies its cosmic energy.

“A lunar eclipse focuses your attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family”. “The longest total lunar eclipse this century is going to have an incredibly powerful influence on your private life.”

So chill out … eat lots of healthy salads, no carbs, try to cut down on any sugar intake… from Thursday till Sunday.

Don’t miss out on this stunning full deep red blood moon this Friday/Saturday 27th / 28th…. it’s my birthday too so for me extra special too!

Full moon always has an impact on women especially because we relate to her cycle of 28 days… and us humans are made up out of 85% water so if a moon can effect the tides of oceans it can certainly effect us and our bodies and emotions… so take some rest and go with the flow and don’t get angry or pissed of this week… relax and chill… reflect and make start collecting pictures for your mood-board to make with the new moon..

The energies are high round full moon and new moon… keep your vibe positive and turn more inwards… be with yourself and be gentle to yourself too. Indulge in some self love activities… And watch her glow and feel her power on 27th -28th and let me know what you see, feel and sense!

A funny GIF which you need to see below!!

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