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Clearing out Children’s books


As you know I am in the process of Clearing Clutter at the moment. I have been doing this for quite some time now…. and never really truelly believed I had so much of the stuff!!!! But now that I am seriously into it and Cleaning in all the nooks and crannies! Seemed to miss those on the weekly go around the house cleaning session! I came across 2 crates full of children’s books stashed away in the attic, which I had cleared last week … I had managed to drag them down into the Hall and even into the boot of my car where they lived for a week… then out they came again as I needed the boot for other stuff I had made my mind up about where to desposit that… but these kidd’s book I just couldn’t really part with… interesting. Yesterday I banged my toe on the crate… and ofcourse they caught my attention… they were deffinately in the way and cluttering up the hall now instead of the attic ( a big No No)… so as there was a mixture of English and Dutch books I decided to sort them… The Dutch crate was the heaviest! and I took action immediately to drop this crate off at our local library! They were very happy with my kid’s books… as I walked off much lighter, a feeling of regret did cross my mind… but luckily I had saved a couple of my absolute favourite story books… with fond memories of reading to my boys!
Silly really, but I truely felt a bit lost having done this deed, but the 7 years they had been up in the attic I had never thought about them… so why now… It was really about letting go… and remembering the fond memeories… for ever in my soul!
Now several hours later I feel fine about the deed…. and like the thought of other children being able to read our books too and create their own memories!
I still have the English crate! Will confiscate some favourites for keepsake! and will not stash the keepsakes in the attic but create a library downstairs now! Full of beautiful books I love and truely want to keep.
That is what clearing clutter is about! Keeping things you truely love and use and get rid of the rest.
So put your books to the test… and who could you give your oldies too!
Love, C and happy book clearing!

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  1. says:

    >This is a nice idea – to put those idle books back to use.

    Some other kids will be able to share the joy that you already bestowed on your own kids.

    Read Aloud Dad

  2. Carolyn says:

    >hello readalouddad! what a lovely blog name by the way… and thanks for the great comment! A big step for me to pass the books on… but the thought of other children getting pleasure from them now is a wonderful feeling!
    Love Carolyn

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