Space Clearing

Be an example to others and they are bound to follow you!!!


Such an amazing thing happened this morning… I have been clearing clutter for a while now and had also cleaned my husband’s office at home…(this was friday) and removed 1 box of junk and a bag with boxing gloves and soccer boots…(which he never ever uses!!!!!!!) I did not chuck them out I just moved the bag upstairs into the attic with the other bags and suitcases and the junk box ened up in the garage…
I had told him on the phone that his office had been cleaned and that it felt much lighter and fresher and that if he wanted he could get rid off all his old junk in there… at first he said.. don’t touch my stuff!!! But this morning he was clearing all HIS clutter out of there! and got rid of the junk box in the garage!!! He and his office felt much much better and he said to me it felt good getting rid of all his old stuff…
Isn’t that amazing.. so by setting an example myself and not saying too much to him he got inspired to do his own clutter!
Karen Kingston, the expert on CLear your clutter and Space Clearing, wrote in her books that if you want others to get clearing clutter… best is to set an example.. and they will follow!
Happy Sunday, and be an example to others next week for starters!
Love, C

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  1. sunshine says:

    >That's so true! We can only change the behavior of others by changing our own first.
    Being an example is the best way to persuade others to bend to our will .. ahem.. I mean.. follow our example… *muwhahahaha*.


  2. Mademoiselle Poirot says:

    >Oh I wish this worked on 12-year-old boys…it doesn't…I've tried…again and again…in vain 😉 I do like the poster though, lots of truth in there. Have a great week, Love from London x

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