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Turn your spring and summer setting inside-outside!

Do both! Make sure you live outside when ever the weather permits… in hot climates we go inside for siësta and coolness, in cooler climates we move indoor again when needing warmth during chilly evenings. Turn your home into an attractive outdoor living space with comfortable chairs, lounge seats, table, candles for when it turns dark…. and your favourite summer recipes ready to go in your kitchen!
Make sure to water all your plants in pots daily and get the water sprinkler out in the evening and give garden borders a good refreshing shower. Better to leave the tap running for a couple of hours than short bouts…. the water needs to sink in deep enough otherwise the roots will stay too close to the surface.
Remove all dead flowers and leaves to keep plants looking radiant and beautiful., a daily at the end of the working day task… however never turn it into a chore… but see it as a medatative moment to relax you and create beauty… then pour yourself a drink… preferably a Gin (Bombay Sapphire is the best) & Tonic with icecubes and … enjoy life outside and the pictures it brings you…
Happy gardening, pottering and creating…
love C
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