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Life is full of decisions

“Life is full of decisions and you better not waver and quaver over each one or you will stress yourself. You will die young and miss your seventies and eighties, which are two decades that can be a delight.” Quote by Emily Whaley, who rocketed to garden stardom after her book, ‘Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden’ became a bestseller.

It’s true… some days I wonder what on earth I am doing and the day has passed without really living it! Gone! Unnoticed, just like that….

So now Autumn is hitting my own garden and the big large oak tree in the front garden is literally throwing it’s corns at our livingroom windows… calling out to me to come and sweep the drive and clear the leaves from the borders…

I usually leave most leaves during the winter months on the borders… so little insects and animals can hide safely…
I also like the winter silhoutte of the taller plants and grasses that have flowered during summer…which provide birds with seeds during colder months.

So my garden is calling out to me… and I need to prepare her for the winter and like Emily Whaley… I should never enter my garden without seceteurs!!! Just to keep her connected to her wonderful beauty…. and let her enter the peaceful months now….. growth has slowed down now!!!

All my love and happy Autumn gardening….


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  1. Nu ik dit lees realiseer ik mij dat mijn tuin schreeuwt om aandacht !!!
    Wat een mooie Blog heb je!!

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