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Friday Feng Shui tip

Clutter and Organization

  • All of the same principles of dealing with clutter apply to every room of the home.
  • For every article/item ask the Feng Shui rules of clutter
  • ….Do I love it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Have I worn it recently?
  • Does it reflect who I am now in my life?
  • If it doesn’t pass the test, deep-six it and donate to a worthy cause or throw it in the trashbin.
  • Cupboards and closets are areas of much hidden clutter. It will take you some time to shift and sort your stuff but you will be surprised what joy an organized closet/room can bring every time you open the door or walk in!
  • Make a clean sweep of problem areas each day. We collect mail, newspapers, magazines, keys and other bits & bobs on one table in the kitchen. If we’re not careful, the table is full after a few days! It feels great to clean it off each night. When you come downstairs in the morning it feels great to start the day fresh! It is just a question of getting into the habit.
  • Do it quickly without thinking.

 Does your house feel as though you are tucked up in a warm blanket? Is it a place where you feel at home and where you can relax and enjoy yourself. If not and you would like it to, then drop me line at Designed2b Garden & Lifestyle Coaching by writing me via the contact page.

 Love, C

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