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Do what you love to do!


Well I love to dance! I always have ever since I was a child…. especially ballet! I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to be tested by the doctor who came to check the strenght of our toes after the ballet lesson. I remember being so utterly nervous… as I so desperatly wanted to dance on those beautiful points!!!
I had many and danced hundreds of hours on them…. in a beautifully handmade TUTU… I was the full ballerina picture and also performed once a year with my balletschool on stage and often had a leading role.
I dreamt of going to the dance academy and would have truely loved to have continued… but allas my parents thought it would be too physically strenous for me and it wouldn’t earn me a good living!
Well… I was too young really then to realize I should have pushed through on this one! Or probably too eager to please my parents in going to college and university…
Now I am 45 and I still love to dance and always feel that when I really get going it gives me so much pleasure and energy that I always promise myself to do it daily!!!
Well I do do it daily now… in the back of my Boutique… to some funky music when there are no clients!!! and it is such fun…. it gives me an added glow and happy feeling… to the love I already have for my lovely shop! A dream come true…
Who knows… one day I might even have a classroom included in the building of the boutique… and combine all my dreams…. on points!
So take steps (on points! if really want to) towards what you love to do…it will add value to your own life and to that of many others!
Love, Carolyn

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