Why I have not been tempted into investing in a gorgeous Olive tree

No way does my Olive (shrub-tree) look like this gorgeous one on the left!

To be honest with you it looks like the one in the photo gallery below! Oh it is mine!!! This is exactly what I had been afraid of…. a severe winter frost bit my Olive shrub, the main reason why I had not been tempted into buying a fully grown tree years ago…Honestly, I had covered it up and tucked it in during the winter months in this bubbly plastic stuff… even let enough air circulate around it’s crown…but alas to no avail… all the leaves dropped off… luckily the plant is still alive… I did the check, by scraping the bark of a twig and discovered to my delight it was green underneath!!! SO I’m breathing new life into my Olives! A colleague told me to wait until the end of April before I even try to touch it with secateurs… as of course I want to tackle the really dead looking branches and turn it into a Japanese Bonsai Olive tree!!! So I truly hope it will survive and grow new shoots and leaves… so to make me wrong about the fact that an Olive should live in the Mediterranean climate and not in a cold, wet and frosty Northern European one!

Then in time I will be able to transfer my Tree into a larger frost-resistant pot!!! Will no longer panic at the sight of snow or frost….and will end up with this lush and lovely looking attractive ancient Olive tree… and myself at the age of 75 will be soooo extremely happy that I persevered in my quest to growing an Olive tree from scratch?

I will keep you all posted on Olive growth and plot! If I fail I will just have to travel to the Mediterranean more frequently in order to feed my need for heavenly looking ancient, warped bark, feeling it’s warmth and strength whilst leaning against it with a glass of Ouzo in my hand!

Thinking about it sounds more appealing actually…. hmmm I wonder what will happen?

Happy gardening, pottering or lounging wherever you are!

Love, C

ps. a good link for Olive trees in the Netherlands is (de Bergerie)

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