The Beautiful Gardens of Piet Oudolf in Hummelo, the Netherlands

beautiful misty dsiplay of colourful flowers and silver foliage

I promised you all to post the photo’s I took during my last visit at the private gardens of Piet and Anja Oudolf. These are taken with my iphone… so excuse the quality…. and on the last saturday of June. I was very lucky it was beautiful weather… extremely humid and walking into the gardens was just a heavenly experience… I was with a friend and we were both breath taken… the photo’s give a great impression, but to actually be there is as if walking into a painting of Van Gogh or Gaugin…. stunning and Piet is a true genius.

Hope you enjoy them… I did not write down all the names of the plants, but if you are really interested i can discover what they they are.

Oudolf private gardens June 09

Oudolf private gardens june 09

Beautiful red Helenium.. they look like little hats to me!

Helenium's close-up!

just a different angle of the Helenium hats!!!

Another view in the Oudolf Gardens...

Purple sedum... mixed with green!

Oudolf private gardens June 09

Do I need to say more?


Pure beauty, pure nature, pure feelings of happiness being able to spend time here!

The world, our planet is designed to give you joy and beauty….

For me it was a most wonderful experience… the sunshine was perfect, the light was perfect, the silence was perfect.. a true moment of Bliss and joy which I will never forget…. grateful I was able to be part of that moment of that gift!

Love Carolyn

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  1. Anne says:

    Hi there, loved your photos of the Oudolf garden. Can you tell me how I can find out which days in 2010 the garden is open. Do they have an e-mail address….there is nothing on their website. Thank you.

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