Surrounded by budding garden delights


I just love the new fresh lime coloured foliage of the fern… Dryopteris felix mas….
My forever lasting female garden statue amongst the hostas and geraniums.. given to me by my stepmother… I love both!
Below: Nepeta fassennii ‘Walker’s Low’ an oldtime favourite of mine.

May…. the garden has developed slower than last year…. and I must admit that these pictures are from my garden last year 9th of May… I even had roses then.. now as the cold weather has continued here in Holland we are kept waiting for the buds to open carefully….
This whitsun weekend it promises to be delightful sunny weather.. so I can’t wait to capture the first rose buds opening….
With rain, cold and some sunny spells.. the weeds, allas, keep coming back… they seem to enjoy this funny weather.. and if not kept under control… become a severe pest.. so I will be spending the next days weeding after I leave the shop… and before making dinner for hungry kids.
Enjoy the freshness and lime greenery of this beautiful spring month…
I will be taking notes in my garden journal…


What will you be doing this coming weekend…???
Love, C

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