Piet Oudolf and the Battery Park in NYC


Quote: The vision I have developed on gardening and especially in my work with perennials is based not only out of respect for nature but also the power, energy, emotions, beauty and aesthetics it gives.” – Piet Oudolf


There will be a plant sale on the 7th May with some plants hybridized from Piet Oudolf’s own Nursery in Holland!
Check the link for the Battery Park Plant sale :

It is such a beautiful place to go and see if you are in NEw York… with wonderful views of the harbour. They will also be celebrating 400 years of Dutch Heritage!!!!!

It will inspire you and give you a breath of beauty and special energy and make you forget you are in such a vibrant lively world city.

Battery Park, Gardens of Remembrance

Will also write about my own garden and the garden designs I have finished and those that are being created now!

I love plants, nature, it’s purity and the beauty she gives us allways for free each and every day….

To most people gardening or weeding (the upkeep part) is a bore, but I truely enjoy it!!! Strange many say, but weeding is very meditative and I create Zen and Feng Shui in the gardens!!! It truely takes years of you… take away the weeds and beauty and energy becomes even more visible. It relaxes the senses and time becomes available for thougths and ideas to be creative in other areas of your life… So true also for the Battery Park in NYC, if we did not have people take away the weeds, the gardens would not look so lovely as they do today!!! Also very true to your own life… take away the debris, weeds, old stuff, or what ever you want to call it and make space for new stuff to come up, or enter your life!

Enjoy, and if in New York … do stop by at the Battery and go for lunch at Café Loup on 105 West 13th street.

Love Carolyn
ps. your life is Designed2b weeded out at regular intervals! If you do not have the time to do it yourself, then let some one else do it for you… A special person, who does see your beauty through the weeds!

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  1. Been so busy setting up my blog and twitter that i haven’t had the chance to enjoy your blog. I’m looking foward to seeing and reading about your garden!!!

  2. Hi Chinello,

    Thanks so much for the comment… great that you to are setting up your own blog, and that you are on twitter 2! It is definately fun to do and you learn so much info about social media.
    Will read your blog 2.

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