My Garden is a haven for Bees and Butterflies

Echinacea purperea with a beautiful butterfly soaking up the sun140709-067

I love walking round my garden in the mornings…. this week especially since the Buddleja’s and Echinacea’s have opened their fragrant scent to the world again, busy bees and butterflies have been zooming and fluttering around all the flowers. From oregano, lavender, salvia’s and sage…. even the mint has been discovered as a treat!

A true haven, and I have been absorbed in the beautiful designs on the wings of all the different buterflies I have spotted.

garden-design with the oregano flowering 140709-017

garden-design and white echinacea, grasses and oregano140709-018









Butterfly and bee enjoyin the sweets of the Buddleja daviddii Pink Delight140709-042



The Eupatorium has still to come into flower and then will also become an attraction for butterflies and bees 140709-073

When the Eupatorium Atropruperea comes into flower there will be another feast for the butterflies and bees to enjoy….

The fragrance in the garden is just heavently at the moment.. even my kids notice!!!

Enjoy, and happy gardening!

Love Carolyn

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  1. Your flower garden is just beautiful! Congratulations and Enjoy!

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