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It has been raining now for several days and a cold north easterly wind was blowing round my neck of the woods. I don’t mind it raining at all, but I do wish it was during the night when I am peacefully sleeping in my snug bed! Then the plants get fed and beautiful sunshine awakes us all the next day… plants can grow & grow & grow.. to their hearts content. That would be very nice thank you…

So today I tried pulling out several weeds that had popped up again, a never ending job anyway. My fingers always itch when walking past the garden to the back door.. not matter what I wear I always end up some how in the middle of the border with dirty muddy fingers… and then notice I have been ploughing away not noticing time passing away happily…. then sprint out of middle of border.. as I was actually on my way to do or go some where completely different. With gardening I completely loose myself.

The weeds I tried pulling out today did not drive me right into the border, as I noticed I was only pulling off the green and leaving roots in! So I quit! No point when soil is not dry … only creates more work… so maybe in 2 days I can get stuck in again … weekend anyway!

I often get clients who ask for an upkeep friendly garden.. I then give them 3 options:
1. pour cement
2. invest in an odd job gardner, who comes every week and does the upkeep for you
3. discipline yourself 1x a week to do 1 hr. of solid focused weeding! See it as a form of meditation!

With nr 3. they look at me in unbelief… but it’s true… after weeding beauty comes round the corner… and rewards you! Especially if your heart is at work.. and opening up!


Maybe I should set up a weeding patrol company!

Enjoy your garden, balcony or terrace… it is designed2b beautiful for you, and give you a special energy!

Love Carolyn

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