Gardening as from March 21st: Spring season


As a passionate gardener and garden designer I woud also love to start sharing great garden tips and ideas on this blog aslo! I have a Dutch blog too, but it was getting rather complicated writing both!
Garden tips for March as from 21st onwards…. It’s Spring and it has started here with glorious weather! Time to get out and about!
  • Remove winter mulches from your flower beds and clear all the winter debry from your garden
  • Cut back all the plants you left during winter for silhoutte
  • Don’t worry about the garden looking empty… it will grow back… abundantly!
  • Roses can be pruned this month. Severe pruning results in nicer long stemmed flowers and more compact bushes. Begin to spray roses for black spot.
    Feed roses.
  • Weeding: Most weeds can simply be pulled or cultivated out of the garden while they are young… but you have to start now and be disciplined to weekly weeding sessions
  • if you have a balcony… get your pots cleaned up and start watering little by little again
  • If you have trouble saving plants in pots during the winter … well then just go out and buy some more!
  • Hydrangea’s, Agapanthus and Hosta’s do really well in pots.
  • Olive tree/shrub also great for in pots…. big winterhardy pots though!
  • re-boost your garden by adding good quality compost on all the borders and the lawn!
  • fertilze plants in pots weekly again!
  • If you have a lawn… re-boost it also by fertilizing it and airing it with a gardenfork or special machine!
  • rake the lawn to clear moss out!
  • sow more grass seed if necessary in problem areas!
  • If you want to divide perennials do it now! just dig up the clump and tear it up and plant where you want… give plenty of water!
  • Prune Hydrangea Macrophylla ONLY cut away the OLD wood that has flowered… so this needs to be done by hand… NOT with an automated machine! You want young wood to grow and flower.

Good luck and happy gardening… soon all will be green!
Love, C

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