Garden stripped naked


Had 4 men working in my garden yesterday… it looked a complete mess with the beautiful winter silhoutte having been destroyed by heavy rain, slushy snow and allround heaviness. Even the garden was in need of a huge tidy and declutter me up session.
So the gardners stripped her naked! Such horror! But I quickly saught for my garden photo’s of last spring and summer hidden in my laptop… ahhhh what a relief knowing it will all look like this again! SOON! …. so now I am ready for spring and summer and can’t wait to get stuck into the soil & warm earth myself… as I love it most to potter around in my garden and watch all the beauty come alive again… like myself actually… so not a winter person!
So what you sow you shall also reap! All you need is patience and lots of love and attenion to all that you sow! Then the harvest will be plentiful & beautiful!

My garden might look bare now… but it feels very refreshing and decluttered… clearing away all the old gunge is like clearing your own gunge … and makes space for new things to grow… Like in your own life…
So this morning I opened all my windows…. well nearly all of them… and let in the fresh morning air…
I’m ready for SPRING!!!

So sex up you house, garden and youself and get ready for spring fun and enjoyment!

You are designed2b having fun and getting ready to enjoy spring
Love Carolyn

ps: garden designed by myself, more designs check website.
photo’s by myself… if you use them please refer to my blog! thnkx.

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