Garden Quote of the week


Someone’s courtyard garden….

“The beauty doesn’t lie in the landscape or the garden, but in the passion of the individual. What we see is not just a beautiful vista, but a back drop for life.”
Quote by: Sir George Sitwell
Happy weekend, Love, C

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  1. Kaysens nye klæder says:

    >Fantastic pictures.. Love flowers!

  2. sunshine says:

    >That is a great quote. I like it a lot.
    Beautiful pictures!


  3. Mademoiselle Poirot says:

    >Sorry, I haven't visited in a while… those pictures look wonderful – is it your own garden? – and I like that quote, very fitting for somebody like me who really doesn't have a single green finger…;-) Hope you're good, Love from London x

  4. sunshine says:

    >I hope that everything is okay with you. Haven't seen you in quite some time.
    Take care!!


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