Garden design in progress

garden design in progress

It is always extremely excting once my design is finished on paper that it gets transformed into reality! In this phase the terrace and paths, front entrance and driveway are created. Little problems do arrise …. but they are always the great challenge to solve them…. like in buisness it is about ‘find the solution’ and especially that it looks beautiful.. the workmen always grunt when I go on about that. They prefer to solve it practically. When I sit on top of the project I make sure they create beauty and make it work…

Now my job is to also instruct the gardner to prepare the borders and either he gets the plants I want in or I go to Piet & Anja Oudolf nursery

the Oudolf nursery in Hummelo, the Netherlands

Oudolf nursery

Now is the time to plant all your plants or divide existing ones…. clipp all your hedges until 21st of june… don’t do it after this date… hedge will suffer!

I planted 52 plants today in my own garden… I suppose a garden is never finished really.. or at least I make it not finished… I create it to not be completely perfect! So I can always create new combinations or plants…. I test them also for my designs for clients.

Gardens and gardening is an on going process…quite like life in general.. always growing and developing throughout the seasons… Getting rid of old stuff in the garden is like getting rid of old stuff in your own system… It really is like that… if you are prepared to make changes in the garden… so it becomes more beautiful… then you are also prepared to make changes in your own life.. so you become more beautiful too!!! That is how I see it… and if you decide something has to go but linger on to that thought for too long… the moment to change has passed by without you knowing it…

If I decide to wait to make a change in the garden, before I know it the best season to do so has slipped by and then I get frustrated with myself for not having jumped at the opportunity! So now this year I am really planning the whole garden upfront… and so far it is working… quick thought brings about quick decision and action! Same goes for my own life… the more quickly I decide upon a change or an idea…. the quicker the results…. and the more fun I have!

Anyway nothing is perfect… it is how you go about life that gets you closer to it being irresistably beautiful.

You are designed2b creative, beautiful and succesful. It’s your own mindset and willingness to set yourself a goal and live up to it…. no matter the obstacles…. find the solution!

If one plant is obstructing the growth of another… I remove it, so the other can breathe….. get light and grow! Same goes for you to! Keep growing!

Love Carolyn

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