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Free 5 Day: Healthy Smoothie a Day Challenge

Free 5 Day Smoothie Challenge

The challenge  starts every 1st Monday of the new month 2018 .. so if you want to join hop on and get joining the free facebook group My Body My Temple Challenges….. #healthysmoothieaday

Welcome to the 5 Day Healthy Smoothie A Day Challenge! I’m so thrilled we’re jumping into this healthy habit together. It’s much easier to create long-lasting habits when you’re doing it with the support of an inspiring group of people. We have just done the 3rd one and it’s a great succes. I’m inspiring women to participate and reset their mindset about food and how they nourish themselves.

It’s not about tough exercises and looking skinny, it’s about finding your natural weight and being happy from the inside out which will flow through all of your cells and heal and will mkae you shine on the outside. We also do a meditation together too.

Adding a green drink a day to your wellness practice has extraordinary benefits for your energy, immune system and overall well-being, so this is the perfect place to start! I love smoothies and juices too for that matter of fact, however for those 5 days it’s smoothies.

These blended blasts of nutrition (you get the free funbook once you join the FREE group, see blue link below) can save the day when you’re short on time in the kitchen. Plus, you don’t need any fancy equipment. Get that old blender out of the storage  cupboard and dust it off! So head on over to the closed facebook group and ask to join today… 

Love and Light, Carolyn

ps. even if the challenge is finished you can still hop on over and join and do it in your own time…. 

Spread the love to your favourite unicorns!

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