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Free 1 Month My Body My Temple Membership

Because I want to help lots of women like you around the world I have decided to offer you 1 MONTH FREE memberhip trial for you to check out what I offer in my online ‘My Body My Temple’ closed facebook community group for women.

Your 1st Month is totally free!!! So come and join…. get healthy and fit. Link:

You get a free smoothie starter detox kit and login code to the group. I then add you.

Don’t worry you can always unsubscribe…. 

It’s all about:

• eating healthy and nutritious,

• loosing weight,

• mindset change to food,

• daily exercises,

• mealplans to make your life easy and less stressful

• weekends off to relax and get into Self Love rituals,

• you will become more confident and have more energy during the week at work, with your family and friends.

• and best of all is that you don’t have to go it alone. This group of beautiful lovely women will support you on difficult days and be there also on the great super days.

I know you lead an extremely busy life and tend to forget about yourself…. but here’s the secret…. if you invest beautiful time in yourself you then create more love and energy for others too. Because if mama ain’t happy nobody is happy!

What you get:


Monthly live 30 – 60 minutes group coaching/inspiration sessions with Carolyn to support and guide you on the monthly topics.


Weekly tips on how to live midfully so you step out of your autolipot…. and how to indulge into Self Love…


Daily access to videos providing a weekly programme of easy to do exercises. These are designed to loosen and strengthen your body. It’s really important to keep your body flexible and fit. Not mad fit like Leisure Center crazy fit, but just checking in with your body’s wellbeing and completing a daily routine of 5 – 15 minutes. It’s a lifestyle thing…. a ritual…. showing gratitude to your body and mind.


During the first month you will receive 4 mealplans. After that you will receive a weekly recipe to add. These will provide you (and your family) with a healhty balanced diet. Focusing on mindful eating and changing your mindset about food which will make you feel great about yourself and your body.

• Q&A

1x a month a Q&A to answer any questions that may arise for you during the month.

I will go live in the facebook group.


Monthly tips and challenges regarding how to Zen your home. This will teach you about energies too and the benefits of keeping your house looking beautiful.


You will receive a monthly live streamed guided meditation: and learn… Why meditation is good for you How to meditate How to incorporate them in daily life.


As a member of the closed private VIP Facebook group, you become part of a community of like-minded women who are all travelling on the same road but are on different paths. The community is there to help and support you, to provide a place to share your story and your dreams. Somewhere to give and receive.

it’s FREE during March!!! So come and join…. get healthy and fit. Link:

You get a free smoothie starter detox kit and login code to the group. I then add you.

So join…. you have nothing to loose… get in on the fun and get eating healthy delicious rainbow food ….

Apparently in England today there is a full headline article in the Guardian about the increase of Diabetics 2 due to the massive increase in #obesity it’s a serious problem and it’s soooooo important to live a healthy life style.

I have always lived a healthy lifestyle except I noticed that after the age of 48 my metabolism began to change and I started to gain weight. So I cut out refined white sugars and

bad carbohydrates …. I used to be able to eat anything and was a bit of a chocolate lover… my only sin. So I have had to cut that out drastically. I just always notice that the minute I eliminate sugar and bad carbs weight drops off.

So if you would love to loose weight, hate diets and realise it’s a mindset thing too then come and follow my programme during your  FREE month trial to see if you like what I do… my energy and enthusiasm will rub off on you.

So come and join…. get healthy and fit. Link:

Spread the love to your favourite unicorns!

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

I am an official registered business in the Netherlands.

Trade number:


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