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Fabulously Feminine: the art of bringing Kama into your life

Kama, coming from kamasutra, is an art to being sensually feminine… and any woman can be just that without turning girly. That is the whole point of being a sensual woman… she is beautiful from the inside and shows on the outside by her charisma and love for all. She is not in competition with other women and just goes her own sweet way. Living life in the now moving forwards… determined to stay on her own path of self discovery.

Of course this topic goes far beyond what I am capable of writing now… but at least it is a beginning and I will make an attempt to start putting my thoughts on this topic to paper! It should be a very interesting voyage…. introducing the art of kama into the lives of women.

Kama translates to pleasure, pleasure of all kinds, including the enjoyment of the arts, games, family, friends, nature and sensual activities. Pleasure was understood to be an integral and very important part of life when the original manual, of the now popular Kamasutra, was written in India more than 1,700 years ago.

Nowadays with everybody being so very busy and the crisis hitting hard at us… it is extremely important to bring ‘kama’ back into our lives and relationships…. and it is the genius of women who are intuitively best at it… who have the task of reintroducing it… all you need to do is to start by tapping into that energy field again…. once you start experiencing it’s joy you will want to integrate it in all parts of your life…. and therefor become far more aware and awake of yourself and others.

Will keep you posted with more info… but if you are interested in any reading material I suggest you go to Tantra and Kamasutra expert Suzie Heumann at this website

Have fun too… preferably together with your partner….

Love C. x








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  1. Vikki says:

    I so agree with what you wrote Carrie. We even forget these days the importance of how nice a touch feels. The Tantra site is indeed very inspiring and educational again, as we do forget ourselves and what we like. Looking forward to reading your first voyage.. Love V

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