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Fabulously Feminine: making sure your partner is happy is essential for a long lasting relationship

imagePut each other first… It’s is absolutely essential to a good strong relationship.
You have to put your partner’s happiness before your own, you have to be unselfish, you have to put yourself second, otherwise you will get into arguments or the relationship will go stale.

If you have chosen your partner well, they will be doing the same thing too, that’s why it works. You can afford to forget about your wants and needs, because your partner will be taking care of them and making them his/her priority.

Its about being an inspiration for him/her and continuously being in tune with their needs, wishes, and checking from time to time what their ultimate goal is in life. What do they dream of. What would they like to become …. Ask the question: what will you be doing in 5 years time? Where will you be living?

Main in thing is you stay curious and ask the questions!

Enjoy…. And don’t forget to jot their wishes down in that all so very important notebook you carry around

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