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Fabulously Feminine: a must see film FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!

YES! The long awaited movie of Fifty shades of Grey is coming to the big screen for the first time to be released on February 13th …. So go and book your tickets now with your partner/ lover for VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Treat yourself to a romantic, erotic and sensual evening! Here is a sneak preview of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY enjoy!

So tip for all the men…. Treat your lady to a night out at the cinema with candle lit dinner before…. You can’t go wrong!!!

I’ve noticed already even though it’s a month away that tickets are being sold by the thousands all over the place! So get in there now! I’ve got mine! ❤️

Ps. My followers already know that I write articles about relationships, communication and sexuality…. So for any questions or coaching …. Contact me or read other posts!

and for those really curious read about my Burlesque workshops! Here!

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