Eaton Mess


Yesterday evening I made my all time favourite dessert with strawberries and cream: Eaton Mess… the recipe I once discovered several years ago in a magazine…. and now it appears in all kinds of wonderful cookery books… from Nigella Lawson to Jamie Oliver..


It is so simple to make and mega deliscious afterwards.. not a great pudding to make if you are on a diet… I am still desperately trying to loose 8 kilos… preferably before summer starts.. getting there slowly… but determined.

Anyway I made this deliscious strawberry delight! The boys alo love it and can’t wait to dig into the mess in their glasses….

So you need :

500 grams of good quality strawberries

250 ml cream

100 grams of meringues

4 serving glasses or dessert bowls

Cut off the green and quarter your strawberries or however you feel like cutting them really

then mash half with a fork in a seperate bowl… set aside

crumble and break your meringues, set aside

then wisk the cream untill it just about start getting more solid but by no means stiff thick cream

then mix in the mashed strawberries and the crushed meringues into the cream..

then scoop a couple of spoonfuls into the glasses and top with the left over strawberries…

and tuck in.. and enjoy the different textures exploding in you mouth… a delightful experience.

And sooooo easy to make… and very tempting to do it several times a week… 😉

treat yourself to this fab Eaton Mess this weekend… best even with a deliscious glass of dessert wine to make it really exquisite!

Love Carolyn

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