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Dare to be Feminine for Guts sake!!

Several months ago when I was teaching a group of women the dance workshop ‘the Fabulously Feminine road to self discovery’ I stumbled across this fantastic woman from Tunisia, Kaouthar Darmoni. I watched her video and remembered thinking …. Wow that’s exactly what I so believe in and stand for!!!  Empowering women through dance and connecting them to their feminine sensuality. Sensuality is beautiful … You can not compare it to seduction… which is a totally different energy. Sensual women empower and do not need to seduce in order to get what they want.

Dance, and in particular Belly Dance,  is the oldest ritual women used to come together, relax and enter into a deep spiritual connection.

Anyway I could write forever on the subject… Watch her video and then you will get what I do. I train and coach women through dance to connect to free their femininity, bring balance back into their life and re-discover their Feminine fabulousness. The most beautiful gift they give me is when they become aware of the transformation they experience and love the result.

I too want to support and accelerate Feminine Awareness. I too want to promote women empowerment via my Fabulously Feminine dance workshops and classes. It’s nothing like Kaouthar’s dancing although it’s sensual with lots of pelvic movements introducing you also to Burlesque in a playful theatrical way to make you feel more confident about your body and proud to be a woman.

Support and believe  Kaouthar Darmoni ~ Isn’t it about time women participate actively in co-leading the planet? Isn’t it about time women step proudly in the arena of power, not as duplicates of men, but as playful women who wish to participate in innovating and changing the world?

Go Dance… Today as if nobody is watching you! ❤️

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