Movement reduces Depression
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Why Dancing Has Positive Health Effects

Movement is definitely something you need to focus on because regular physical activity can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer up to 50%, whilst it also reduces the risk of depression, dementia and even early death by up to 30%.

With overwhelming evidence of positive health effects, the trick is to find ways of moving that make you feel good.

So make a note now which form of activity brings a smile to your face… always and doens’t mak you feel drained and washed out. It’s got to be an activity you love and are passionate about.

For me it is always dancing… and as we all know dancing is easy even if you have no sense of rythm at all…. because it’s all about having fun and a boogie on down. And best of all is you can almost dance anywhere you want from your bedroom to the woods and the streets.

My own ultimate favourite dancing form is freestyle which means you have no difficult steps to learn and just get into the music and dance your own dance…. I can barely sit still if I hear great music, my whole body reacts to it and I just have to get up and move.

There are only ups about dancing:

• increases your production of serotonin (the happy hormone drug, produced in your gut)

• it will always bring a smile to your face

• it will open up your body and give you energy

• energy booster

• working out without realising it

• you can dance alone

• you can dance with your partner, friends, kids and whole groups of people

• it makes you happy on the inside which makes you glow on the outside.

So my suggestion to you is include dancing in your movement repertoire of daily rituals.

 Check out my online healthy and fit programme here and get dancing and moving and re-set your mindset too. Because I’m bringing back dancing in your home.

Every body can dance… no matter your age, skin colour, gender, hight, weight…… like Nike says… just do it! Click on the Nike link for a great dance bra…. good support is essential too….

I love to dance barefoot as much as possible… found these  great barefoot studio wrap shoes from Nike too, unfortunately they don’t have all sizes available right now.

It’s not about having all the right gear… jeans and a baggy t-shirt are also great …

The essence is you move and that it makes you smile and makes you feel happier than before you danced/moved….

You can join my classes online if you want some support… 1st month is free no strings attached …. sign up here  

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